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1L Pneumatic Brake Fluid Bleeder

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Quick and clean. The BikeMaster 1 Litre Pneumatic Brake Fluid Bleeder is an air-powered tool to cut down the bleeding of the brake system. Dual bleeding lines are long enough to reach down the forks and around fenders to bleed two callipers at once. As easy as connecting to the air compressor, pushing the hoses onto the bleeder valves and then cracking open the valves. The Vacuum Bleeder will pull air and old fluid through as long as you hold the trigger. The trigger can even be latched down so that you can focus on pouring new brake fluid into the master cylinder. Afterwards, the waste fluid is contained in the 1-litre catch bottle, eliminating messy brake jobs.

Dual attachment for dual disc applications. Brake bleed time saver. 1-litre capacity catch bottle.