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Our eStore remains open for you 24/7, rain or shine! 😎
Our eStore remains open for you 24/7, rain or shine! 😎

ERGOTORQUE®Precision Torque Wrench With Interchangeable Ratchet Head, 9x12mm

SKU 516.1612
    • Actuation accuracy: ±3 % tolerance of the set scale value
    • Precise reading accuracy for a minimum 5.000 tightening cycles
    • For controlled fastening in clockwise and counter clockwise directions
    • Double scale in Nm and lbf•ft divisions for precise adjustment
    • Includes micrometer scale in Nm divisions for precise and fine adjustment
    • Large vision panel, precise adjustment using a magnifying glass
    • An audible and palpable signal when the desired torque value is achieved
    • Torque setting is quick and easy using the locking knob in the handle end
    • Secure locking function within the handle
    • Two component handle with a soft zone, is ergonomic in design and comfortable in the hand
    • Individually marked with serial number - unique product identification
    • including calibration declaration of conformity according to DIN EN ISO 6789:2017(E) - traceable to national standards
    • Tool holder torque: Exchange tool
  • Item No. Coverage in NM Weight Total Length Coverage in Lbf-ft Sk Division Nm
    516.1612 5-25 300g 280mm 0.8-18 17.5mm 0.1
    516.1622 10-50 450g 335mm 4-37 17.5mm 0.25
    516.1632 20-100 600g 375mm 8-75 17.5mm 0.5
    516.1642 40-200 850g 465mm 15-150 17.5mm 1