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Hydraulic Squeeze Off Device, 63mm to 180mm

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Hydraulic Squeeze Off devices have been designed to restrict the flow of gas or water in a plastic pipe while a repair is carried out.
They squeeze the pipe down to a set amount, as defined in the UK National Grid specification GIS/PL2-7. The pipe is squeezed shut by two parallel bars, the top bar being moved by a hydraulically operated jack.
  • Features:
      • To ensure the pipe is not damaged in operation, the tool is fitted with rotatable profiles that set the correct gap.
      • The tools are manufactured from steel to ensure reliable operation under harsh operating conditions.
      • The bottom squeeze bar is removable to allow easy access for the pipe.
  • Operating Range 63mm to 180mm
    Operating Type Hydraulic
    Size 78 x 41 x 9cm
    Weight 37.6kg
    Operating Temperature -50°C to +60°C


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