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Our eStore remains open for you 24/7, rain or shine! 😎
Our eStore remains open for you 24/7, rain or shine! 😎

RABACONDA ADV Tyre Changer Kit


Ultimate KIT for ADV and dual-sport tyre changes! 

The KIT includes:

  • the #1 TYRE CHANGER IN THE WORLD - Rabaconda 3-Minute Tyre Changer [RAB-3MMC]
  • PRO Tyre Iron Set consisting of 5pcs [RAB-TL]
  • 2 x 17" Tire Spoons [RAB-17TL]
  • 12-18mm Spindle [RAB-12mm_axle]
  • 28mm Adapter [RAB-28MM_ADAPTER]
  • 62mm "BMW GS type" adapter for shaft-drive type wheels  [RAB-62MM_ADAPTER]

What's in the kit? 

First, there is the Rabaconda 3-Minute Tyre Changer. We have also included 2 different types of tyre irons. There is a PRO Tyre Iron Set of 5 tyre irons and in addition, there are 2 pcs of 17" Tyre Spoons. These are best for bigger adventure tyres. The kit includes all the possible spindle sizes and adaptors for more common adventure and dual-sport bike wheels. 12-18mm spindle is generally for smaller and/or older Japanese bikes and the 62mm Adapter goes for BMW GS shaft drive-type wheels. 

NB! Make sure to measure your bike's front and rear axles before purchasing!


Does it work on alloy wheels?

The tyre changer is designed to be used with spoked wheels. We've heard that some riders use it also on alloy wheels, covering the wheel supports with soft material (garden hose) not to scratch the rims and spreading the revolution supports so that the sides of the rim rest on wheel supports.

NB! However, we have not tested it on alloy wheels and cannot recommend it. 

Benefits & Features

  • Comfortable working height
  • No more backache or working on your knees
  • Compact and easily assembled in seconds, no tools are needed
  • The tyre can be entirely removed by pushing it down with the bead breaker
  • Excellent grip on any surface and uneven ground
  • Works on tubeless, mousse, Tubless and regular tube setups
  • Rigid and durable construction
  • Lightweight
  • Tyre lever tray at a comfortable height
  • Strong Cordura 1000D carry-bag for comfortable and compact storage
  • Quick-release bolts for fast switching between wheel sizes
  • Bead breaker positioning system
  • Oval profile lever with good grip
  • Premium quality product. Made in the EU.

Technical Info

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