SBV Tools


Ratchet Gear Bar Set, 3pcs

    • Application:
      • Prying: diesel injectors, seals, bearings, oil pans, axles, fuel injectors
      • Pulling things apart in many body shop applications 
      • Breaking Loose bell housing from Engine Block and transmission
      • Aligning sheet metal
      • Removing molding 
      •  Features:
        • Adjustable head allows you to choose up to 8 different angles to reach difficult space area
        • Auto forward LOCKING rachet design mechanism
        • Exceeds ANSI requirements for proven strength
        • High leverage gear design provides maximum leverage while lifting and pulling back
        • Industrial Magnese Phosphate finish to help protect against corrosion
        •  225mm Pry bar with slim tip width 7mm to get into narrow space
        • 300mm Pry bar tip 11mm with V-groove to remove car panel plastic clip
        • 380mm Pry bar tip 15mm and design with 2nd index joint which locks extra 10 angles to reach more difficult area


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