SBV Tools


Wobble U-Joint Impact Set, 3pcs

    • Application:
      • Pin Free Hex Ball universal joint designed to provide flexibility when working in tight restricted areas.
    • Features:
      • Wobble Design: Hex wobble design smoothly transfers the torque of a high power pneumatic tool around obstructions that cannot accommodate a standard socket
      • Hex Joint: Provides increased reliability and service life over pin mounted universal joints.
      • Locking wobble: Simply put out the male end for full range of motion (wobble) or keep it retracted for use as a straight adapter or extension - won't bind up like universal joints
      • Wobble extensions: Maintains 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 drives while adding extra clearance between the tool and socket
      • Impact grade: Super-tough wobbles handle the high torque of pneumatic tools without failing. 
    • What's Included:
      • 1/4" (F) x 1/4" (M)
      • 3/8" (F) x 3/8" (M)
      • 1/2" (F) x 1/2" (M)


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